Back to the Future 2 – Predicting 2015

It’s been 26 years since we saw Marty McFly and Doc Brown jump forward in time to 2015 in Back to the Future 2 (1989), and now that the year is finally upon us, what exactly did the Robert Zemeckis blockbuster correctly predict?

Hoverboards, microwaves that cook food instantly and auto-dry jackets, Back to the Future 2offered an exciting glimpse at what the future could look like in the 21st Century, but it now seems our modern technological world is further behind then we may have hoped.

Automatic dog walkers

There’s no denying it’s a genius invention, especially for those who hate walking their dogs – but then again, if you can’t be bothered to walk your dog, you probably shouldn’t have one in the first place.

Future prediction: Someone’s bound to design one at some point, though it’s more likely our dogs will be taking us for walks one day.

Fingerprint recognition locks

Prone to losing your keys? Always find yourself locked out of your house?…Back to the Future 2predicted we’d all be using fingerprint scanners to gain access through our front doors.

Well this prediction did come true with the introduction of biometric scanners, unfortunately for most of us, these locks are usually used by banks and government facilities due to their expensive costs.

There is some saving grace for us average-Joe’s who want to use our fingerprints more often – Apple‘s iPhone 5s and 6 models use a fingerprint scanner, coded to a specific users fingerprint, for unlocking the phone and making purchases.

Instant cooking microwaves

If there’s one thing we all wish would exist in 2015, it’s a microwave that cooks food instantly – no more cooking, just whack a tiny pizza in the microwave and BAM! Instant pepperoni stuff-crust.

Sadly however this prediction hasn’t come true…yet. Let’s just hope Black & Decker invent one soon.

Robot Petrol Station

Back to the Future 2 showed us brief glimpse of robot petrol stations – no more having to get out your car in the freezing cold, just to stand around while your petrol tank fills up.

Future prediction: I wouldn’t hold your breath with this one, just who knows what will happen in the next 30 years.

Nike Powerlace Shoes

Hi-tops with instant fasten laces looked awesome back in the 80’s and look even more awesome now that 2015 has rolled around…and the most amazing thing still is that these shoes will soon be in existence thanks to Nike’s creative teams. 2015 top Christmas wishlist item? Yep.


The pièce de résistance in the Back to the Future 2 arsenal is the hoverboard. Made famous by Mart McFly, the hoverboard will actually be a 2015 reality thanks to a team of geniuses over at Hendowho’ve developed a board that works on high powered magnets.

It may seem like a gift to humanity that a hoverboard now exists, but considering one costs upwards of $10,000 it may be a while still until most of us can hit the streets with one.

Considering Back to the Future 2 was released 26 years ago, it’s quite incredible how many of the cool, innovative gadgets seen in the film are now in existence – sadly though many of them, including the Black & Decker Hydrator and the automatic dog walker, are yet to be invented, meaning we could have to wait another 26 years before these become every day items.