Comic-Con 2015: The Walking Dead (TV) Panel

It’s one of the most loved shows on TV, generating high viewing numbers and boasting a hefty fan base of loyal fans – this evident when the cast of the hit zombie show The Walking Dead took to the stage during Comic Con to promote the upcoming sixth season.

In attendance at the sold out Q&A on Friday (July 10) were stars Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride and Lauren Cohan to name just a few – fans didn’t waste any time grilling the group on everything they want and expect to see in the new season.

Despite the upcoming season looking set to be the most hard-hitting yet, stars of the show were rather coy about giving too much away – though they were more than happy to answer fan question regarding their on-screen alter-ego’s.

McBride, who plays abused housewife turned badass zombie killer Carol, was bombarded with questions regarding her unorthodox nature of killing both zombie’s and humans. Smiling broadly, McBride was quick to jump to Carol’s defence, telling eager fans that her character wasn’t as bad as she may seem:

[pull_quote_center]Everything is fueled by the loss of people; that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing… She can’t stand around and watch people die. She’s ready to pay the price or go to hell to try to help… and do whatever she can…[/pull_quote_center]

One added addition to the panel this year was that of Brit actor Lennie James, who you starred in the very first episode as Morgan, only to then mysteriously disappear, until he appeared towards the end of season five.

Well good news for fans is that Morgan is here to stay, for now, and will feature heavily in the new season – something pointed out in the exclusive trailer below:

Though careful not to give anything crucial away, Lennie James did hint to fans that we may finally know what Morgan has been up to all this time, especially considering the added skills he seems to have picked up since the first season.

Michael Cudlitz, who plays short-tempered anti-hero Abraham also hinted during the Q&A that the upcoming season could see his most prominent moment yet… Though what that means is anyone’s guess. The same can be said for Norman Reebus, who plays fan-favourite Daryl – the actor descibed who is characters place with the new community of Alexandria would be tested this season.

Character development – that seems to be the message the stars wanted to get across to fans this year – not surprising that back story will feature heavily considering the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead premiere this year. The new series which debuted at this years Comic Con will be set during the first weeks of the outbreak – finally giving fans a glimpse of that really happened.

Season six of The Walking Dead kicks off October 12 on Fox | You can also catch Fear the Walking Dead when it’s debuts in September on new UK channel AMC Global.

Check out all the happenings from The Walking Dead Q&A in our image gallery below: