George Clooney Sorry For Batman Role

It’s very rare that a Hollywood superstar will apologize for one of their flopped movies, but ever the true gentleman, Academy-Award-winning actor and director, George Clooney, recently apologized to fans around the world for his portrayal of the famous Caped Crusader.

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman & Robin (1997) | via

The surprise admission came during this year’s New York Comic-Con (NYCC) event, where Clooney was promoting his upcoming Fantasy epic, Tomorrowland. During the press conference for Disney‘s new blockbuster, Clooney fielded questions from fans and the press, many of which were keen to discuss his notorious performance as Batman in Joel Schumacher‘s 1997 box-office flop, Batman & Robin.

Known to many as one of the worst films ever made, and certainly the worst superhero film ever made, the fall-out from this film has always followed George Clooney around for most of his career. But ever the professional that he is, he took the opportunity at Comic-Con to put it to bed once and for all and to apologize to fans.

Clooney also laughed that “since I did Batman, I’ve been de-invited from Comic-Con”, although with his presence at this year’s event, it’s clear that people are ready for let bygones be bygones and forgive one of Hollywood’s most talented and loved actors.

Batman & Robin also starred Hollywood heavyweights Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman, along with Chris O’Donnell and Alicia Silverstone. The film cost an estimated £125 million to make and only managed to generate $130 million at the world-wide box-office, making it one of the biggest flops of all time.