I Am Making Some Money on the Side

Of course this place has sort of gotten a bad reputation for this sort of thing and I have to be really careful about it. However working at a hotel hardly pays very well, even when you have one of the better jobs. I try to stay on the right side of the line, but a lot of guys are looking for extra excitement when they come to Las Vegas, Nevada. For instance a lot of times they look for the company of Las Vegas escorts and it is not as though they really need me to hook that up for them. However if they do I am willing to take a percentage in the way of a kickback. I have come to know them and the guys that they use to look after the girls. Obviously a lot of bad things can happen to people in this business and so when you pay for the girl you also pay for the guy who is going to make sure that she gets home without anything happening she does not agree to.

This time it quickly became apparent that something else was going on. The private investigator did not really seem to be all that good at subtlety to be honest about it. He walked up to me after he could not get what he wanted and tried to bribe me to let him in the room. It was a stupid thing, especially when he only offered me thirty dollars. I could really get fired over something like that. The other stuff I do is not going to be much of a blip on the boss’ radar. They expect that sort of thing and so long as you are discreet it is not a big deal in any sense of the word.