Passing the Luck to Me

My father was one of the luckiest people on the planet. He contributed his luck to a coin that he found on the ground one day. Since finding it, he’s won the lottery, won various games each time he’s gone gambling in Vegas, and has even won bets on sporting events. He gave the coin to me this year because he felt that he had been lucky enough and that it was time to pass the luck onto someone else. I wanted to test just how lucky his coin really was, so I went to some betting web sites.

I figured I’d start with poker, which is where my father made most of his money from gambling. Although he had the coin for luck, he still had to know how to play the game. I don’t think the coin would have been able to help him out much if he was just putting random cards together without any idea of how to win the game. I played a few games and I was able to win them all. That was pretty lucky, but I thought it was just beginner’s luck, so I tried playing some of the slot games.

I won on all of the slot games, which was pretty weird. I was expecting to lose at least once, but I didn’t. Still, I wasn’t fully convinced that the coin was that lucky, so I tried making some sports bets. The home team has a bad habit of losing, and no one in their right mind would ever bet money on them, except a guy with a lucky coin. I made a large bet using the money that I won from playing poker and slots, and waited. Shockingly, the home team won the game, and I was convinced that my father had given me a great gift.